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Topics: Marketing strategy, Suspension, Marketing Pages: 3 (659 words) Published: December 11, 2013
Bose: Competing by Being Truly Different

1) Based on the business philosophies of Amar Bose, how do you think the Bose Corporation goes about analyzing its competition?

From the article content, it is clear that Bose Corporation does spend time to analyze its competitors’ strategy because company’s philosophy from the beginning is ignoring competitors’ technologies and starting entirely from scratch. We see this on every product line of this company. As a matter of fact, Bose Company uses competitors’ strength (their technology) to understand customer needs; Actually, Bose Company considers the competitors’ strength (their technology) a weakness, meaning following a different path of innovation than their competitors.

2) Which of the three approaches to marketing strategy best describe Bose's approach?

There are three approaches for marketing strategy Entrepreneurial, Formulated and Interpreneurial. Entrepreneurial marketing strategy best describes Bose’s approach used in a closed connection with Interpreneurial strategy. Bose Company was started by Amer Bose who had a dream to find a solution to reproduce realistic sound in conjunction with his knowledge of electrical and engineering technology. It should be stated that Bose does not use formulated marketing strategy. First it develops the product that might take decades before Bose sets marketing strategy.

3. Using Michael Porter and Treacy and Wieserma frameworks presented in the text, which basic competitive marketing strategies do Bose pursue?

I can surly say that Bose is a product leadership based on Treacy and Wieserma philosophy in competitive marketing strategy. Bose Company uses product innovation as its competitive strength, and it does not use cost leadership or differentiation strategies as defined by Michael Porter. Its products are not similar to its competitors and do not provide the same highest quality (differentiation strategy) than its competitors. Its products are so...
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