Something Unexpected

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It was a beautiful day in March, sunny and clear skies with the slightest breeze that was just enough to keep you from burning up. It was what felt like just another day of school. And once school was out, me and my friend, Miranda, where going to go to my house and hang out for a little while like usual, before her dad would get off work at 5pm. Since I was the one with a car I of course would take her home before 5pm.

We were glad to be out of school so we could go hang out and relax our minds and have a good time, and that’s exactly what we did. To this day it blows my mind how a day that seemed so great could take a turn for the worst in a matter of seconds. It was 4:30pm, so Miranda and I loaded up in my car to take her home.

Why is it that our whole lives we tell ourselves that “that could never happen to me,” as if we are impervious to accidents? But you learn the true meaning of “accident” when your having a day that’s so perfect and so there’s not a worry in the world that something bad might could happen to you. Well “IT CAN!”

It didn’t take long to take her across town, for one its Dalhart, and nothing takes long to get there in Dalhart. And I was noticing that it was taking more force than normal for the brakes. Plus I was hearing squealing sounds every time I pushed the brakes. But like most people I didn’t think too much into it. After I dropped Miranda off, I went to head back home. From her house to one of the main highways I turn on to go home there is a distance of nine blocks, non of which I had to brake for, only the blocks that intersected the road I was on had to stop or yield. The first stop sign I would come to was after those nine blocks at the highway. And like normal I started to ease on the brake when I was at about half a block from the stop sign and the squealing sounds were still happening along with the extra pressure I had to apply for the brakes. The car seemed as if it was gradually slowing down like normal

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