Something the Lord Made Review

Topics: Vivien Thomas, Alfred Blalock, Johns Hopkins University Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: October 13, 2010
Describe the issues in the movie “Something The Lord Made” and put in the critical reviews.

Every movies is been produced with a purpose, to raise awareness, sharing the real life stories, marking important history moments, talking on imaginative world, giving people some advices or others are the purposes of various kinds of movies. “Something the Lord made” do has its own purpose like others do. It touched some sensitive issues at that time. Those issues included racial discrimination, extraordinary partnership between a white man and a black man, and perseverance in chasing one’s dream.

Racial discrimination means making an unjust distinction on a particular race. It is clearly shown in the movie that the African-Americans or more commonly known as black people at that time were been discriminates by the white men in America. At the start of the movie, we discover that black peoples need to give way to white people by standing at the side of the road and gave the salutation. Besides that, throughout the movie, we also can see that the black people were been treated unequally. For example, they only can sit at the back of the bus, there were white and coloured toilets, and they must go in using back door or rear entrance. For example, Vivien Thomas, one of the main characters of this movie is not allowed to enter via the front door at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Vivien also been discriminated because he continues in the same job classification, the third class classification, despite the fact that he is performing work of a considerably higher skill level. In addition, Vivien Thomas also been insulted when he first went to Johns Hopkins hospital when he wanted to ask for help from the Director of Laboratory to find someone to help him to clean out the lab, but then the doctor replied him impolitely and full of ignorance. He also insulted Vivien by asking the main character to buy him some coffee and donut and throwing some moneys on the...
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