Something About Me

Topics: High school, Skill, Psychology Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Something About Me
My name is Sindy Chen. I’m easy-going, conscientious, but introvert and unconfident. When I was in high school, for the purpose of getting rid of my shortcoming, I participated in several extracurricular activities actively. I joined the choir, the cooking club, and so forth. In order to overcome my stage fright, I determined to take part in the choir. I think I made the decision on impulse. When I recall the scenes in which I sang and performed on stage, they seemed completely unimaginable. However, there is hard work and bitterness at the back of applause. The process of practice was repetitive and vapid. Several times I nearly gave up, but thanks to support and encouragement of the teacher and teammates, I could stick at it and pick myself up from where I fall. Although it is hard to utterly conquer my fear, I’m glad that I had made up my mind to attempt what I wasn‘t expert in. In a year of training, I exactly learn the worth of group cooperation and precious friendship that is valuable to me. As for the cooking club, I joined it because I got a sense of accomplishment when I finished the work in person. Even though sometimes the food that our group made didn’t taste good, I still enjoyed cooking with my team members. In the process, we learned with joy and were never tired of it. In addition, as a leader of this group, not only did I learn cooking skills, but I also learned how to allocate works efficiently and integrate with other members.
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