Solidarity of Emotion Towards Fulfilled Solitude

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Elias John Kukas Socio 10 Final Integration Paper BSBAA 3 October 15, 2007

Solidarity of Emotion towards fulfilled Solitude

“A wonderful reflection existing in alternative nature about the queries of self about his/her being and everyone in its society; whether the truth resides on this option or in the conventional justifications is not a big deal.” In those thirty-eight words without any consciousness that it must fit in that form, I describe Sociology as a field of study and exploration. For the past five months I have been studying introductory sociology as a general education course, I felt more of a philosophy course than a usual observational and empirical science. Nonetheless, it could be argued that as philosophy of sound reasoning give rise to different scientific pursues, so does beginners sociology scopes the philosophical articulations of its recognized fathers. Based on the perspective of my constructed description, I will try to discuss those thoughts I have learned in this course. Revealing Reflection

According to Ernest Geller (taken from the essay of Josephine Dionisio), Nation states that emerges especially in industrial Europe came into being not because of human nature or essential characteristics common to a group of people but for the reason of the need for new set of skills and proficiencies that can only be thought in a large scale and homogeneous mode. Simply the complexity of the ways of production and division of labor makes the nation a sensible concept. This statement really makes sense at least to me yet I never heard, felt or learned about this explanation in my elementary and secondary years discussed inside the classroom. The struggle of our heroes from Manila and nearby provinces is the nearest concept that came into my mind when I heard Nationhood. It seems so hard to imagine a common emotion between a “patriot” from Muslim Mindanao and the patriots of Luzon fighting for a concept of a nation from “Batanes down Tawi-tawi” which is entirely a colonial definition-the domain of Spain in the Far East. Existing in Alternative Nature

I think it is because of its dynamic traits that make this field of study exist always an alternative. A community of monotonous living with a structured convention is what makes it not a good view in the eyes of Sociology. The society must radiate and oscillate its ideals in order for it to become a place of harmony.

“The sociological frame of reference with its built-in procedure of looking for levels of reality other than those given on the official interpretations of society, carries with it a logical imperative to unmask the pretensions and the propaganda by which men cloak their actions with each other. “- Berger


The perspective given to me by Berger opens to me an insight that besides the socially accepted way of doing stuffs, their exists some useful responses that can at least equally justify (if not provide a more convincing explanation) the particular scenario of personal and social interests. Questions about Self

This course also makes my dimension wider on the recognition of my self. I have learned different points of view with regards to it from the traditional concept of ecclesiastical nature to postmodern accidental and coreless self. Having knowledge about it is as sufficient as the answers to my deepest confusions. My bias is for an arbitrary self. The situation outside of me is the major determinant of my action. Sometimes I try to fit myself in an event rather than to be in command of it because of...

References: David, Randolf. Nation, Self and Citizenship: An Invitation to Philippine Sociology. Philippines: Anvil. 2004
Berger, Peter. Invitation to Sociology: A Humanistic Perspective. Middlesex, England: Penguin Books 6
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