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Solid Waste Management

By ChaLaurena1 Mar 19, 2013 856 Words
Solid Waste Management
In Tanauan City

A Thesis
Submitted to Ms. Patricia Abrihan
in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
for the National Service Training Program in
Lyceum of the Philippines-Laguna


Garcia, Kenneth
Laurena, Charlynne
Macahiya, Christian
Tesoro, Dustin
Villanueva, Mark
Villaroman, Hubert

March 2013


Waste is anything which is considered to be no longer useful to anyone. In reality, it actually possesses the ability to be the raw material for several other processes and applications. Improper handling of wastes could result in several environmental hazards such as air pollution, soil erosion, methane emissions, low birth rate and others. In developing countries, proper handling of wastes is one of the important topics to be focussed from an environmental perspective. This thesis aims to propose an improved waste collection system in Tanauan through investigating the current waste management practices in Tanauan from different perspectives. Several people were interviewed for gathering information related to the present waste legislations, waste collection, treatment, and disposal methods. A composition study was also conducted along with the other research teams in order to support the objective of this thesis. The results shows that the current waste management practices has certain flaws which the management has to overcome in order to avoid the environmental impacts caused by the waste generation in Tanauan. Basic Recycling and treatment facilities are absent in Tanauan. The local government do not have any updated plans for the proper handling of wastes. The obtained results are critically analysed to showcase the existing flaws in the waste management practices, and using the state of the art knowledge in waste management the research team suggests an improved waste collection system for Tanauan considering the economic and environmental conditions.

Chapter I
Solid waste disposal and management is both an urban and rural problem. In the city of Tanauan we have spotted a Barangay that has the poor waste collection. Particularly, waste volumes have increased in the community due to growing urban population and inadequate finance and facilities to manage waste collection.

Barangay Poblacion 1 is one of the 48 barangay in the city of Tanauan. This was first called, “Riverside” because it is beside the San Juan River. The riverside was later destroyed by the typhoon. It is one of the “urban barangays.” This study aims to discuss and to enrich the reader’s knowledge on the proper waste management. This study can help you to clean your surroundings in this activity. We have observed that the barangay has problems involving waste disposal in Maruha, Barangay I.

The goal of Poblacion 1 is to have a clean and green community that develops fresh and maintainable area that can’t cause harmful diseases in people.

The Problem and Its Background
In this world, many people are suffering from diseases. Diseases that can take your life away, spread unto other people and make them suffer. And because of this, one major factor that involves disease is waste disposal. Barangay Poblacion 1 is one of those communities that suffer from garbage. We have notice that the San Juan River near Maruha is suffering from garbage. It can cause major flooding. Also it does harm to people or animals who consume the polluted water. Aquatic animals will also die due to the water pollution. And there will be a decrease of fresh water sources. This barangay will be our target to study and aim to do our objectives and responsibilities. Tanauan City is home to scenic nature’s beauty, attractive investment opportunities, rich culture and historical heritage, superb adventure and vigorous industrialization. The natural wealth of its land and the dynamism and resourcefulness of its people pave the way to competitiveness, bringing the city to the crest of progress and advancement. This study aims to dispose garbage and focus on solutions that will help this community and observe and survey people about this problem.

Scope and Limitations
In order to fulfill the requirements of the aim and research questions, information, and principles from various people are taken into account for investigation. More than 1000 people are living in the barangay but we have surveyed only just 6 people. The study focuses on maintaining cleanliness and to dispose garbage to protect citizens from diseases by waste disposal. This study aims to do the waste management by sorting and recycling, composting and decomposing.

The study will be conducted and be surveyed in Barangay Poblacion 1, with this we can calculate the citizens who are responsible and irresponsible for the disposal of garbage and to find solutions to our problems.

Significance of the study
The study would benefit


This study focuses on Solid Waste Management on our target Barangay. Our main objective is to dispose garbage to ensure the protection of the environment through effective waste management measures. These are the specific objectives that we conduct in this study: 1. Increase number of job in waste service, recycling, and recovery sector. 2. Increase reuse and recycling rates and products

3. Ensure an effective and efficient solid waste management. 4. To maintain a disposal of waste or proper waste management about segregation.

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