Solar Energy Is Renewable or Nonrenewable

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Citibank Client Services 000 PO Box 769013 San Antonio, TX 78245-9013



Account 9979968618 AGHA R JAFRI 1135 CONEY ISLAND AVE APT. 2F BROOKLYN NY 11230-2314 Statement Period Apr 18 - May 19, 2013

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BASIC BANKING ACCOUNT AS OF MAY 19, 2013 Checking Regular Checking Savings Savings Total Checking and Savings at Citibank Balance $862.64 Balance $737.14 $1,599.78

SUGGESTIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Help protect yourself from fraud Awareness is the key to protecting yourself from fraud. Never provide personal information in response to an unsolicited request by fax, phone, email or mail. Immediately delete suspicious emails without opening them. Always be aware of the source of checks that are deposited to your account. Avoid becoming a victim and protect your information and your accounts. If you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-274-6660. In the NY metro area, call 1-800-627-3999.

. .

Basic Checking Fees* Monthly Service Fee Waived with either 1 Direct Deposit AND 1 qualifying Bill Payment OR $1,500 in average combined deposit balances ** Fee for non-Citibank ATM transaction

Your Fees this Statement Period

$10.00 $2.00

$10.00 None

*A transaction is deemed to have been made on the date the transaction is posted to your account which is not necessarily the date you initiated the transaction. Any fees for that transaction, including non-Citibank ATM fees, will appear as charges on your next Citibank statement (to the account that is debited for your monthly service fee). ** 1 Direct Deposit AND 1 qualifying Bill Payment within the statement period; $1,500 in average combined deposit balances for previous calendar month. Qualifying bill payments are those made using Citibank® Online, Citi Mobile (SM) or CitiPhone Banking®. .


Page 2 of 4 Account 9979968618 Statement Period - Apr 18 - May 19, 2013


CHECKING ACTIVITY Regular Checking 9979968618
Date Description 04/18 Fee - Service Charge 04/22 Transfer to Savings 05:17a #1402 ONLINE Reference # 010029

Beginning Balance: Ending Balance:
Amount Subtracted 10.00 25.00 Amount Added

$431.99 $862.64
Balance 421.99 396.99

04/29 Deposit on 04/28¹ 10:37p #1402

Citibank ATM 1220 AVENUE J, BROOKLYN, NY Reference # 010030 Debit Credit One Bank Payment Reference # 010031

322.96 25.00 42.28 25.00 112.00 300.82 420.00 25.00 348.33 0.52 694.95 652.67 627.67 515.67 1,236.49 1,211.49 863.16 862.64

04/29 Transfer to Savings 05:30a #1402 04/30 ACH Electronic 05/06 Transfer to Savings 05:27a #1402 ONLINE

05/08 Debit PIN Purchase 06:01a #1402 05/10 05/10 05/13 Transfer to Savings 05:58a #1402 ONLINE Reference # 010032

MTA VENDING MACHINES BROOKLYN NYUS02141 Deposit 02:20p #1402 Citibank ATM 250 BROADWAY, NY, NY Deposit 02:21p #1402 Citibank ATM 250 BROADWAY, NY, NY

05/14 Debit Card Purchase 05/12 12:22a #1402
AT&T*BILL PAYMENT 08002882020 TX 13133 Phones, Cable & Utilities STAPLES 00101931 NEW YORK Specialty Retail stores NY 13134

05/15 Debit Card Purchase 05/13 02:06p #1402

Total Subtracted/Added 613.13 1,043.78 All transaction times and dates reflected are based on Eastern Time. ¹ Transactions made on weekends, bank holidays or after bank business hours are not reflected in your account until the next business day. ThankYou® Points Summary Points from checking account and other products and services Total Points forwarded to Citi® ThankYou® Rewards Go to to review your point balance and redeem]

0 0

This summary includes only points awarded for the Citibank checking account relationship and may not reflect any bonus points received through a promotional offer. You can obtain updated point information by accessing your ThankYou Member Account at Please refer to the Citibank Program ThankYou Rewards Terms and Conditions provided to the primary (first) signer of the checking...
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