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Assignment 1

The acronym CASE stands for Computer – Aided Software Engineering which covers a wide range of different types of programs that are used to support software process activities. Software systems which are intended to provide automated support for software process activities. CASE systems are often used for method support.

CASE tools are software systems that are designed to support routine activities in the software process such as editing design diagrams, checking diagram consistency and keeping track of program test that have been run.

Structured approaches method that can support the CASE tools may include:

Requirement Analysis

System Models



Design Advice

Debugging and Testing

Code generators

Process Guidance

Requirement Analysis:
This checks the system model according to the methods rules and support generators to help create system documentation.

System Models:
It describes the system models which should be developed and the notations used to define these models. During the system requirements and activity, systems may be modeled as a set of components and relationships between these components. They are normally illustrated graphically in systems architecture model that gives the reader an overview of the system. Rules:

These are constraints which always apply to system models.

Debugging and Testing:
It corrects errors and to discover defects by testing individual computer components.

Code Generators:
It automatically generates source codes from the system model.

Process Guidance:
This describes the activities which may be followed to develop the system models and the organization of these activities. kddsfinksdiochdklnsdncioj jhduhefd buiewhfihekxopmx jhdeowihdhedjewncdjklqhd hfuehfuehoqwjdqwi qjkwhdioqwydqeibdiwqhdnp hduwe jwbdu bhduhijd9 ujhduhdqw8uihduqyheo wuhdohduhdjqwo qwhdkyu qgbhui uigh uhdwq qhkgdyqgd qwkhduiq...
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