Object-oriented Programming and Systems Analysis

Topics: Object-oriented programming, Software development process, Rapid application development Pages: 3 (755 words) Published: September 6, 2013
Chapter 1
1. What is information systems analysis and design?
Complex organization process, used to develop and maintain computer-based information systems, also it’s used by a team of business and systems professionals. 2. How has a systems analysis and design changed over the past four decades? 1950s: focus on efficient automation of existing processes

1960s: advent of 3gl, faster and more reliable computers
1970s: system development becomes more like an engineering discipline 1980s: major breakthrough with 4Gl, case tools, object oriented methods 1990s: focus on system integration, GUI applications, client/server platforms, Internet The new century: Web application development, wireless PDAs, component based applications 3. List and explain the different phases in the SDLC?

Planning- An organization’s total information system needs are identified, analyzed, prioritized, and arranged. Analysis- System requirements are studied and structured.
Design- The logical specifications of the system from logical design are transformed into the technology- specific details which all programming and system construction can be accomplished. Implementation- The information system is coded, tested, installed and supported in the organization. Maintenance- An information system is systemically repaired and improved. 4. List and explain some of the problems with the traditional waterfall SDLC? Project planning phase: planning specifications frozen

Analysis phase: Analysis specifications frozen
Design phase: Design specifications frozen
Implementation phase- Finished system delivered exactly as specified 5. What are CASE tools?
Diagramming tools enable graphical representation. Computer displays and report generators help prototype how systems “look and feel”. 6. Describe each major component of a comprehensive CASE system. Is any component more important than any other? Diagrammatic Tool

Information Repository
Interface Generators
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