Software design and architecture

Topics: Design pattern, Loose coupling, Pattern language Pages: 3 (349 words) Published: January 21, 2014

Question /choices
State machine diagram is a behavior diagram which shows.
a. state of a part of designed system
b. behavior of a part of designed system
c. state of the machine
d. how the machine works
Lecture 1, Slide 43
Activity diagram is UML behavior diagram which shows flow of control or object flow with emphasis on which one of the following? a. states and conditions of the flow
b. Activity flow
c. sequence and conditions of the flow
d. Information flow
Lecture 2, Slide 10
Who works for a company that makes a highly successful duck pond simulation game, simUDuck a. Joe
b. Jhon
c. Aslam
d. Salma
Lecture 3, Slide 18
The observer pattern provides an object design where subjects and observers are a. Not coupled
b. Coupled
c. Are tightly coupled
d. loosely coupled
Lecture 4, Slide 16
Which one of the following pattern allows you to compose objects into tree structure to represent part-whole hierarchies. a. Compoiste Pattern
b. Abstract Factory
c. Adaptor
d. Factory
Lecture 5, Slide 58
Which of the following pattern influence the entire system and require all the parts of the system that are touched by the pattern to participate in its design? a. Architectural patterns
b. Composite patterns
c. Design pattern
d. System pattern
Lecture 7, Slide 30
A view consists of a primary presentation, an element catalog, a context diagram, a variability guide, and a a. Directory
b. Document control information
c. System overview
d. Rationale
Lecture 8, Slide 48
How well a solution to some problem work when the size of the problem increases. which of the following discusses this scenario. a) Scalability
b) Portability
c) Reliability
d) Performance
Lecture 11, Slide 12
MOM is often implemented as a server that can handle messages from a. Internet
b. Mobile network
c. Application Servers
d. Multiple...
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