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Individual Assignment: Design Patterns

Design Patterns: Introduction
There are lots of design styles readily available for the creation of company software program. The design styles talked about in this report will include Data Access Object (DOA), dispatcher, plant technique, abstract factory method, as well as model-view-controller (MVC). All 5 of these design styles are evaluated as well as compared in this report.

Data Access Object (DAO)
The data access object (DAO) software program design pattern encapsulates use of data by concealing its difficulty from end users (University of Phoenix, 2005). This design pattern is a concept offering an abstract interface to a database or perseverance method, which it only provides a few specified functions excluding the visibility of the database particulars. The DAO includes a mapping from the software calls to its perseverance layer that isolates the general public interface of the DAO.

The dispatcher software program design pattern manages customer access and re-directs or dispatches customer requests to the appropriate party which can be situated on the exact same or different tier (University of Phoenix, 2005). This design pattern helps the workflow execution since the customer requests are forwarded to the correct party.

Factory Method
The plant method design pattern generates a group of connected items instantiated by subclasses (University of Phoenix, 2005). This design pattern generates items without indicating the category of item that's to be generated. The plant method pattern describes a different way of producing items by using subclasses to override the derived kind of item that's to be generated.

Abstract Factory Method
The abstract plant method design pattern resembles the plant method; however it provides a dimension to the plant method. The abstract plant method pattern generates a group of families that is what adds the dimension (University of Phoenix, 2005). This design pattern includes a method to encapsulate several separate plants that have a typical idea. The customer software program creates a solid execution of abstract plants and utilizes general interfaces to generate solid items which are a part of a style. In this design pattern, the customer does not know which of the solid items from each one of the internal plants it gets since only general interfaces of the items are used. In abstract plant method the details of execution from a group of items is segregated from the general usage of these types of items.

Model-View-Controller (MVC)
The model-view-controller design pattern divides company and display logic into 3 parts called by the other design styles (University of Phoenix, 2005). Of all the design styles, the model-view-controller pattern is the just one which is a good example of an architectural design pattern. This pattern isolates the site logic and also the interface from one another. This allows impartial improvement, screening, and up keep of each.

Design Patterns Comparison

All the design styles mentioned above have a thing in common. All the design styles encapsulate or isolate specific data or items from the end user. The DAO and dispatcher styles reduce workflow.

Contrasting Design Patterns

The plant method and abstract plant method are clearly quite similar with just one variation, which is the abstract method generates a group of families instead of the plant method that produces simply families. The model-view-controller is really the most different design style since it is the only one that's an architectural design style.

The DAO design style is the only style which intentionally conceals the complexity from the end user. Another design styles conceal certain parts, although not necessarily the complexity.
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