Software Applications and Information Systems

Topics: Computer software, Application software, System software Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: April 5, 2010
Software Applications and Information Systems
A software application and an information system is vital for any company to manage its business. An unbelieveable amount of information and procedures that is made within a company, both the application and system relieves a company of a huge amount of paperwork. By aquiring a software application the accounting, marketing, and human resources department can keep track of many different areas within their department. The information system helps to manage all information coming in and going out. An excellent software application is the Formtran application. This application works in all departments, accounting, human resources, and marketing. This application is known for being the fastest data collector. For accounting the application offers compliance, consistency, and effciency. This provides help with purchase orders, credit memos, invoices, physical inventor forms, fixed asset forms, capital expenditure requests, and check requests (Formtran, 2010). The software provides a system that helps with certification testing, applicant tracking, charitable fund drives, emplyee satisfaction, pre-emplyment testing, time sheets, training, and pay roll forms (Formtran, 2010). The marketing and sales part of the application gives a company easy acess to the data needed. This includes contest enrollments, customer comment cards, award claim forms, expense reports, focus group surveys, product registration, sales call reports, sales force testing, and warranty cards (Fortran, 2010). Information systems help accounting departments by maintaining records that control the movement of funds within the company and produces finanical statements. Information systems for accounting will manage cash flow, loans, securities trading, and check processing. Human resources information systems help with placement, recruitment, compensation, career development, and evaluations of the employees within a company. The different examples is...
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