Computer Software

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Computer software can be divided into two main categories: application software and system software. Application Software:

Application Software includes programs that do real work for user.


Payroll systems, Inventory Control, Manage student database, Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Database Management System etc. Application software consists of the programs for performing tasks particular to the machine's utilization. Examples of application software include spreadsheets, database systems, desktop publishing systems, program development software, and games." Application software is generally what we think of when someone speaks of computer programs. This software is designed to solve a particular problem for users.

System Software: System Software includes the Operating System and all the utilities that enable the computer to function. System software is a term referring to any computer software which manages and controls the hardware so that application software can perform a task.


Operating Systems, Compiler, Loader, Linker, Interpreter.
System Software is more transparent and less noticed by the typical computer user. This software "provides a general programming environment in which programmers can create specific applications to suit their needs. This environment provides new functions that are not available at the hardware level and performs tasks related to executing the application program. System software acts as an interface between the hardware of the computer and the application software that users need to run on the computer. The diagram below illustrates the relationship between application software and system software. [pic]

The most important type of system software is the operating system. An operating system has three main responsibilities:

1. Perform basic tasks, such as recognizing input from the keyboard, sending output to the display screen, keeping track of files and directories on the disk, and controlling peripheral devices such as disk drives and printers. 2. Ensure that different programs and users running at the same time do not interfere with each other. 3. Provide a software platform on top of which other programs (i.e., application software) can run. The first two responsibilities address the need for managing the computer hardware and the application programs that use the hardware. The third responsibility focuses on providing an interface between application software and hardware so that application software can be efficiently developed. Since the operating system is already responsible for managing the hardware, it should provide a programming interface for application developers.

Affects on End User - Software Licensing
This is one way through which a business or end user may affect due to software licensing matter. Regardless whether a software application is purchased COST or is accessed via an ASP, the software must be licensed for use. Software licensing is a complex topic which involves consideration of the special characteristics of software in the context of the underlying intellectually property refights, including copyright, trademark and trade secrets as well as traditional contract law.

The User Interface
It is the part of the operating system that allows communicating with it so you can load programs, access files and accomplish other task. Three main type of user interface s are the command-driven, menu-driven and graphical user interfaces. |[pic][pic][pic|

|] |

What is a database?
A structured collection of records is known as a database. The way in which a database is structured is defined by the database model. Hierarchical model, network model, object model and relational model are some of the most commonly used models in the structure of databases. A database facilitates an organized storage of data in the form of records. The records can be queried in different ways to retrieve information from the...
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