Soft drink market in Poland & France

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Soft drinks continues to develop
Soft drinks in Poland witnessed an upward trend in 2012 in terms of both off-trade value and volume terms. The growth rates were in line with the review period CAGRs. New product developments in all price segments, including cheaper brands and private label, helped induce demand and increase the frequency of consumption. Rising availability also positively affected sales. Consumers seeking healthier products

The increasing importance of the health and wellness trend impacted sales of soft drinks in Poland. An increasing number of Poles wish to follow healthier diets, and are therefore turning to healthier product categories within soft drinks, such as bottled water or fruit/vegetable juice. In response, leading manufacturers are adjusting their portfolios accordingly and launching healthier variants of their standard products, particularly those lacking a healthy image, for example by replacing sugar with stevia. Domestic manufacturers are strong

Local producers hold strong positions in soft drinks in Poland, with Maspex Sp zoo, Zywiec Zdrój and FoodCare being ranked within the top five in terms of off-trade value sales in 2012. Polish-based manufacturers are proving to be tough competitors as they gradually expand their investment in research and development, and being able to win consumer attention by offering high-quality products at affordable prices. In addition, they regularly invest in promotional activities, being a must in the highly competitive soft drinks environment. Discounters, the ever-growing distribution channel

Discounters is becoming an increasingly important distribution channel for soft drinks in Poland, reflecting the growing interest in private label offerings. Rising confidence in the quality of such products, as well as increasing availability due to the rapid expansion of the leading chains, such as Biedronka, is positively affecting sales of private label soft drinks. This in turn encourages more consumers to do their daily/weekly shopping at discounters, which are popping up across the whole country, including in large, medium-sized and small cities. Future growth prospects remain optimistic

Soft drinks is expected to continue to develop over the forecast period with sales being fuelled by new product development in all price segments. More attention will be paid to health benefits alongside the growing importance of the health and wellness trend. More stevia-based formulations are highly probable. Manufacturers will also continue to invest heavily in their mass media presence in an attempt to win over consumers and thus gain a competitive advantage.


Good performance despite the economic downturn
Since the onset of the economic downturn, sugary and artificially sweetened beverages underwent an increase in excise tax and an increase in VAT on sweetened beverages in the on-trade channel. Despite this, the soft drinks industry continued to perform well with total volume growth of 2% and off-trade value sales of 4%, which corresponded to the performance of the review period. Increased taxes for sweetened beverages

On 1 January 2012, two new taxes came into effect. One on soft beverages with added sugar, including carbonates, fruit juice with added sugar and flavoured milk drinks, and the other, to considerable disbelief, on artificially sweetened soft beverages. The new budget law increased the excise tax to EUR7.7 per hectolitre on soft drinks with added sugar and added artificial sweeteners. The French government also increased VAT from 5.5% to 7% for sweetened beverages designed for instant consumption in the on-trade channel. Internationals sustain their lead in soft drinks

In 2012, international companies took advantage of various public events in order to improve their brand image. The energy drinks manufacturer Red Bull emphasised its slogan, “gives you wings” by...
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