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Topics: Sociology, Psychology, Social position Pages: 3 (764 words) Published: November 29, 2014

Reflection #1
My embarrassing moment took place during my freshman year of college when I was searching for my Public Speaking class in O’Kelly Hall. One week before school started I went and found all of my classes making sure that I could confidently navigate my way through campus. After spending all day walking around campus with my map in hand, I was confident with my ability to find all my classes. A week later on a Tuesday afternoon I was on my way to my first class of Public Speaking. With my hopes high, I confidently walked from the dorms to O’Kelly Hall without a problem. After arriving to the building, I continued up to the third floor to find my class. After finding my classroom I opened the door to find the classroom full and the professor in the middle of his lecture. I was mortified. With everybody's eyes on me, my own eyes got as big as balloons. The professor stopped his lecture and asked me if I was lost. I answered his question with as much confidence as I could by saying that this is my class and I was running late. I knew that I was in fact early but under the circumstances all I wanted to do was to sit down and for the professor to continue with his lecture. With that, I sat down in the last open spot in the class in the very front row. The professor continued on with his lecture about our upcoming project due later that week. He explained how it was a group project so I paired up with two girls next to me. They began discussing the project and about mid-way through the project discussion I knew I was in the wrong class. I was so embarrassed. My class did not start for another hour. After realized my huge mistake, I got up and told the professor I was in the wrong class and proceeded to exit the class.


There are three types of perspectives to describe people’s actions; biological, psychological, and sociological perspectives. A biological perspective explains human behavior based on what happens inside the human body. This...
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