Modern Canterbury Tales

Topics: Physics, Mother, Fraud Pages: 4 (758 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Modern Canterbury Tales

It was the second week of August,
A group of three waiting for the dean, who was very much biased. All waiting to drop their class,
When the dean when out for a glass,

They were told that he would be back soon,
and to entertain themselves until noon.
So one said let’s all tell stories,
and another said also long as they’re not about boys.

The last said can we just not talk,
The other two said we WILL talk.
So with a sigh,
He sat back and wanted to die.

He did the hardest physical problems like a cakewalk,
because of that he was the most hated kid on the block,
Most would say that he is socially awkward
but he would just say that he is inward.
He has a camera-eye,
But when he opens his mouth, it made people want to go die.
His lectures make anyone think murder would be easy.
His friends are low on the food chain,
And even he makes them go insane.
He often says that people are stupid and that makes him cry, But others say that he should be stabbed in the thigh.
His mother made his childhood a “hell”,
Because even back then he would quell.

She had bright platinum hair,
But she would wear was sportswear.
Her eyes were a bright sapphire
That many people did admire.
Teachers thought she looked very vague,
And most smart students avoided her like the plague.
She was very bubbly,
So most thought she was a phoney.
She had a many a boy,
so most girls though she would be a playboy.
Many of the boys thought she would be quite easy,
But they found out differently quite abruptly.

She had an ample girth,
Probably from her many childbirths.
With flaming hair, and a temper,
She was calm, unless someone questioned her power.
It was as the matriarch she was viewed,
For she had taken in a few strays to add to her brood,
When she saw someone in a bad mood,
Her battlecry was “Eat some Food”!
Even though she meant well,
Sometimes she would make her family rebel.
For she would make them feel smothered,...
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