Sociology of Crimes Review Questions SET A

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Sociology of Crimes Review Questions

1. An old woman approached PO3 Gomez asking the police officer to run after an unidentified young man who allegedly snatched her mobile phone. PO3 Gomez declined claiming that the man was already a block away from them and besides the police officer alleged that he is rushing home for an urgent matter. The officer’s refusal to help the old woman is an example of          A.    nonfeasance

         B.    malfeasance 
         C.    misfeasance
         D.    misconduct                                  2. When the accused is found not guilty of the charges presented before the court, he is         A.    convicted
        B.    suspended
        C.    acquitted
        D.    absuelto                                       3. Guilty by act means
         A.    Actus Reus
         B.    Actus Numbus
         C.    Giltus reus
         D.    Rea mensa                                  4. If physiological or psychological dependence on some agent are obviously detected from a person, he is in the state of          A.    dependency or addiction

         B.    comatose
         C.    insanity
         D.    metamorphosis                            5. Which of the following is described as the threatening behaviors, either verbal or physical, directed at others          A.    Abnormality

         B.    Dependency
         C.    Aggression
         D.    Violence                                       6. What aggressive behavior includes repeated noncompliance to a direct command, verbal abuse-name calling, verbal abuse-threat, and physical abuse?          A.    Interactive

         B.    Isolated
         C.    Covert
         D.    Overt                                          7. What aggressive behavior includes cursing/swearing, intentional destruction of property, and self destructive behaviors?          A.    Isolated

         B.    Covert
         C.    Interactive
         D . Overt                                            8. What aggressive behavior includes the emotional and cognitive components of aggression such as anger and hostility?          A.    Covert

         B.    Dynamic
         C.    Interactive
         D.    Directive                                     9. When there is an apparent, intentional, and physically aggressive act irrespective of severity against another person, there is          A.    Battering

         B.    Assault
         C.    Chaos
         D.    Crisis                                           10.What kind of assault committed when it includes kicking, punching, deliberately throwing an object and drawing a lethal weapon against someone?          A.    Mental

         B.    Physical
         C.    Sexual
         D.    Verbal                                        

11.Allege means
         A.    Assert or make an accusation
         B.    remove from its position
         C.    direct an act from doing
         D.    intentional mutilation                   12.What do you call measures other than judicial proceedings used to deal with a young person alleged to have committed an offense?          A.    Rehabilitation

         B.    Alternative measures
         C.    Individual response against bad behavior          D.    Extra judicial proceedings           13.What do we call the psychological, emotional and behavioral reactions and deficits of women victims and their inability to respond effectively to repeated physical and psychological  violence?          A.    Woman Menopausal Syndrome

         B.    Battered Woman Syndrome
         C.    Violence against women
         D.    M'Naghten Rule                         14.What is the theory that tumors and seizures have been associated with aggression and violent behavior?          A.    Brain lesion theory

         B.    Conspiracy theory
         C.    Neurotic Mind theory
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