Vulnerable Adults

Topics: Abuse, Child abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 11 (3795 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Unit 11
Safeguarding adults and promoting independence.
______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Task 1
P1: Describe forms of abuse which may be experienced by adults. Provide 5 types of abuse (e.g. Physical, Psychological, Sexual, Financial, Neglect)

Forms of abuse in adults can include:
Physical - Such as: Hitting, Pushing, Hair-pulling, Pinching, Inappropriate restraint, Shaking, Misuse of medication, or Scalding. •Psychological -Such as: Blaming, Humiliation, verbal abuse, Threats of harm or abandonment; harassment, Prevention from receiving services or support, Deprivation of social or any other form of contact, Controlling, Intimidation. •Sexual - Such as: Sexual acts to which the vulnerable adult has not or could not have consented, or to which they were pressurized into consenting, Rape or sexual assault. •Financial -Such as: Theft, Pressure in connection with wills, fraud or exploitation, misuse of property possessions, benefits or inheritance. •Neglect - Such as: Ignoring medical or physical care needs, withholding the necessities of life, such as food, drink, or heating, Preventing access to health, social care, or educational services; Other forms of abuse also include Discriminatory abuse, Domestic Violence, Acts of Omission as well as Institutional abuse and poor practice. Any of these forms of abuse can be deliberate, or be the result of either ignorance, or lack of training, knowledge or understanding. Often if a person is being abused in one way they are also being abused in other ways. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ M1: Choose two types of abuse you covered in P1 and assess the likely immediate effects on the health and well-being of adults. You may want to use case studies presented in class (or ones of your own findings) as a means of framing your answers.

Psychological effects
The likely immediate effect from psychological effects can include: •Fear
Inability to trust
Case Study - A son was concerned about his mother who was frail and lived on her own. His brother was the primary carer but worked full-time. The brother took away his mother's door keys and prevented her from going out or having contact with anyone. Unfortunately, the concerned son lived far away and could not visit his mother more often. The son made arrangements to meet with social services via an adult protection officer and a better care situation was arranged for her. (The Daily Mail January2006) In this case study the elder mother would be suffering from Psychological abuse as she was now suffering from Isolation in that she could no longer leave the house. Given a longer period of time she would be completely isolated from the outside world and would then have the inability to trust anyone. Physical Abuse

The likely immediate effect from Physical effects can include: •Cuts
Broken bones

Case Study - An older man was partially paralysed as a result of a stroke. He had carers who came into his home three times a day, but his wife cared for him the rest of the time. Over time, his wife became increasingly aggressive. One night, when he asked her to help him to the toilet, she pushed him and he fell, hitting his head. She then helped him up and slapped him across the face. Unwilling to call Social Services, the man called the Action on Elder Abuse helpline who advised him to work out a schedule with family and friends so that his wife would get some free time and feel less isolated. Such a schedule was developed and life at home improved significantly. In this case study the older man is suffering from Physical abuse as his wife was aggressively attacking him. The older man would show signs of cuts and bruising where struck or as a result of falling to the ground....
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