Sociology Family in the Pre Industrial an Modern Times

Topics: Sociology, Industrial Revolution, Family Pages: 3 (1168 words) Published: June 27, 2013

In this essay we will be discussing the sociological debates concerning the identity status roles and functions of the family from the pre industrial times to the present day. The urbanisation and industrialisation of britain played a massive role in the way that the family changed and how the family developed, from being an agrerian society to an industrial society. Pre- industrial families were multifunctional they lived and worked as a family unit, being self sufficient was the only way to ensure the means for physical survival. The development of machinary and equiptment meant that jobs were less time consuming, the jobs became easier, and productivity levels rose. Industrialisation also meant the introduction of geographical mobility which led to a reduction of kinship networks and the apprearance of the nuclear family which was better fitted at that time, this is assumed to be a characteristic of the industrialised society, and industrial economies function better when there is movement between jobs, also the appearance of social mobility gave people better opportunities to get higher qualifications and created a division of labour, this also led to the increase of urbanisation. This not only changed the structure of the family, but the relationships within the family. Women and children were stepped aside from work in order to perform the household chores and family functions whilst the men went out to work to become known as the breadwinners.

Over the last 2 – 300 years society has not only changed economically, but the family as well as its structure has altered. It has undergone adaptations in the way that it functions, moving from an agricultural based society into one of industrialisation. This is known as the “Fit Thesis”, the way that both society and the family have changed. Chrislivesey,

Even though there is a general agreement that a relationship between the structure a family takes, and the...
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