Sociology and Various Social Problems

Topics: Sociology, Suicide, Death Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: March 29, 2013

Among various social problems, eve-teasing has become a great threat to our social life. This acute problem has become a common affaire in our day to day life. Eve-teasing is a sort of euphemism in which the naughty, aimless young boys pass bad comments on the teenage girls to make them irritated or embarrassed. It is mainly related to women. Mainly the teenage girls are the victims of it. Some young boys with no study and work like to play tricks and jokes on the school going girls. The boys of this type are so arrogant that they usually want to forcibly establish relationships with the girls. The main causes are many. Lack of social awareness and degrade-action of the young generation may be marked as important reasons. Through satellite channels some young boys are strongly influenced by the vulgar sides of western culture and they give an outlet for their taste and mentality by the act of eve-teasing. The effect of it is beyond description. Many die a premature death by committing suicide. So the hopes of the helpless parents are nipped in the bud. It also discourages other girls to go to educational institutions. It hinders our social development as well as national progress. Though common people are now concerned to protest it. Again the government has taken necessary measures to stop this heinous crime but eve-teasing is going on continuously. If this problem cannot be solved at once, it will appear as a cyclone. To eradicate this problem, the offenders should be given exemplary punishment. The laws concerned must be strictly enforced. Young generation should cultivate moral values in them.
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