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Why Study Sociology
1. To obtain factual information about
our society and different aspects of
our social life.
2. Enables us to learn the application
of scientific information to daily life
and problems.

3. Develop the capacity to see through
some of the folk, traditional and
conventional wisdom our of society.
4. Sociology performs its most important
function when superstition and
misinformation are replaced by
accurate knowledge about human

•Sociology is the science of society
and the social interactions taking
place. It focuses attention on all
kinds of social interaction
involving social acts, social
relationships, social organization,
social structures, and social

The social facts it gathers include
the recurrent and repetitive forms
of behavior: the attitudes, beliefs,
values, norms, and social
institutions which make up the
social order. Sociology studies not
only the structure and function of
social organization but also the
changes which take place within it.

•It studies a wide variety of current
issues and problems. Sociologists
are interested in the study of family
relations, separation and divorce,
ethnic relations, population
problems, poverty, agrarian
reforms, labor relations, social
mobility, vice and crime, etc., in the
same way that social reformers,
psychologists, social workers and
public administrators are
concerned with them;

but unlike them, sociologists mainly
gather objective data and do not
initiate reforms. As a discipline,
sociology takes a neutral position,
carefully avoiding bias that would
affect its findings and conclusions.
It views problems objectively and


1. Social Organization – this includes the
investigation of social groups, social
institutions, social stratification and mobility,
ethnic relations, and bureaucracy. Subspecialties ate the sociology of economy, work, agriculture, industry, religion, politics,
education, health and welfare, and
2. Social Psychology – this field is concerned
with the study of human nature as the
outcome of group life, personality formation,
and collective behavior. It studies how group
behavior affects the individual and vice-versa.

3. Social change – Social organization
and social disorganization – this area
involves the study of change in culture and
social relations and ongoing social problems.
It covers such areas as socialization,
personal pathologies, delinquency and
crime, family conflicts, population problems,
religious problems, educational issues,
underemployment and unemployment,
poverty, civil liberties and subversion,
political process, competition, reform and
revolution, ethnic strifes, health and welfare
problems, mass communication, the impact
of natural disasters, and war.

4. Human Ecology – this is an area which
is currently catching world awareness
although it is one of the oldest fields in
American sociology. It studies the
behavior of a given population and its
relationship to the group’s social
institutions. These studies have shown,
for example, the incidence of mental
illness, alcohol and drug abuse, crime
and prostitution in urban and blighted
areas, and the exploitation as well as the
preservation of natural resources.

5. Population studies – this field is
concerned with population count,
composition, change, and quality as they
influence the economic, political, and
social systems, and vice versa.
6. Sociological theory and research –
this field is concerned with the
discovery, development, and replication
of research tools that will test the
applicability and usefulness of the
principles of group life as basis for the
regulation of the social environment.

7. Applied sociology – the findings of
pure sociological...
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