Topics: Crime, Sociology, Gender role Pages: 4 (1349 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Rachel Byekwaso 207748 Q1. Outline and explain ways in which data about crime is collected Data about crime is collected through official statistics that are mainly based on police records where crime is reported to the police, and then the police records it and keep the records to provide measure of trends in different types of crime. Official statistics on crime are published by the Home Office. These records provide official accounts and indicate the police workload as well as being useful for an analysis of patterns of particular crimes. However, even though the police have a statutory obligation to record crime, some go unrecorded just because they have some discretion to decide how serious enough a crime is to warrant their attention. So, police crime statistics do no account for the total volume of crime living an unrecorded figure of crime. (A. Pilkington, 2005) British Crime survey (BCS) is another way of measuring and collecting data on crime. It is an example of a victim survey. The study is done by interviewing the victims of particular crime. People are asked to report any crimes committed against them or any members of the house hold in a particular period. The statistics are based on interviews given to age16 and over adults to help provide a true extent and better reflection of crime. The BCS includes crime that are not reported to and recorded by the police to give a better indication of trends of crime over time. However some crimes like murder, drug possession, and sexual offences are excluded from the BCS mainly because either people are no longer available for the interview or due to a small number reported to the survey and peoples willingness to disclose as according to (Simmons & Dodd et al, 2003) The main strength of the BCS is that it portraits a more accurate image of the extent to which crime and its trends are, as compared to the police...
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