Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 3 (1049 words) Published: July 23, 2014
The United States is known for its cultural diversity. This is because of the United States open door police (Phillips, The Challenge of Cultural Diversity). The police produced growth (Phillips, The Challenge of Cultural Diversity). Growth melted many different cultures with different beliefs and backgrounds. The growth made cultural diversity (Phillips, The Challenge of Cultural Diversity). Cultural diversity causes challenges for workers and individuals in the health care field (Phillips, The Challenge of Cultural Diversity). First, many health care workers come to assumptions. Such as, when new comers come to the Unites States they become assimilated into the US culture (Phillips, The Challenge of Cultural Diversity). This is not true; each individual brings their culture and beliefs with them. Which means a patients health care beliefs do not fade away with assimilation. These assumptions and not understanding cultural diversity produces challenges to new comers. Some of these challenges are due to poorly educated health care workers. One challenge is stereotyping of health care workers. The way some one is dressed, skin color, ethnicity, and age workers judge patients on all of these (Hanslin, 2013, p110). This sets a tone on how a worker may act toward a patient (Hanslin, 2013, p110). The way that patient is treated is going to set the tone for the behavior the patient will act toward the care they receive. Another challenge is patients might not identify with there cultural backgrounds (Phillips, The Challenges of Cultural Diversity). For example, Middle Eastern that comes to America comes for freedom, but some woman chooses to still wear the scarf for religious purposes and others may not practice their religion. Also, mixed patients may look one ethnicity and believe another. This is where assumptions come in and health care workers need to be able to read the patient and ask questions to figure out their patient’s beliefs. Finally, different...
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