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As human beings we all play a role in society. In the words of Shakespeare “The world is a stage and we all play different roles”. However how do we become social? Parents are the primary socialisers which later changes to teachers, friends and co- workers. Becoming social is an experience where an individual constructs their personal biography by collecting daily interactional rules and coming to terms with the wider patterns of their culture. To become social means to have grasped your social identity where you understand who you are and an understanding of who other people are. Striving to find your place within society through your presentation of self where the individual has made an effort to create a specific impression in the minds of others. Self emerges from social experience and communication with others and makes us human. In cases where children have been abused and neglected their social identity was not formed. Leaving a child isolated from human interaction would leave them mentally and socially damaged, with no use of language or capability to adapt. Therefore showing that socialisation is an important aspect in society and to humans. This would also challenge the child’s interaction order. Making them unaware of their role in the presence of others. Humans rely on social experience to learn the nuances of their culture in order to survive. Socialisation results in a personal biography. This is built through interaction with others throughout our lives. As our biography develops we participate in a culture while still remaining as distinct individuals.

We are all performers in some shape or form. We all play a role, the setting changes, the audience continues to grow. Through life we will all adapt or change roles as we develop into adults. We start off as children, daughter or son then role evolves to adult where we are become responsible for our own actions and minds. We move on to play more roles as girlfriend/boyfriend, friend, sister,...
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