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Home Work Two
Introduction to Sociology
Fall 2013.

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1- In a short essay, identify a number of your own statuses. What roles correspond to each? Do any operate as master statuses? How? 2- Explain the idea of socially constructing reality with examples from everyday life. 3- State four ways in which, according to Emile Durkheim, deviance is functional for society as a whole. 4- Explain the difference between primary and secondary deviance. 5- State several ways in which caste and class systems differ. 6- What is meritocracy? What part does it play in class systems? 7- Define race and ethnicity. How do they differ?

8- What is a social institution? What is the economy?
9- What are the three defining traits of capitalism?
10- What are the three defining traits of socialism?

1- A status is a group of social positions that an individual holds, with different roles related to each status. I hold different statuses, for example, being a Muslim, a son, a student, and Massoud family member. My roles related to being a Muslim are declaring Al-Shahadah, performing the five ritual prayers a day, fasting in Ramadan, performing Zakat, and Hajj. Being a son, my roles are to respect my parents and help them, perform my duties that I am asked to do and take responsibility after my father. As a student, my roles would be attending classes, completing assignments, getting prepared for class, studying, and being on time. Holding Massoud as a family name could be considered a master status, since elder family members are well known for playing roles in the government, military and sports. 2- Social construction of reality is based on our interactions in the society, these interactions that happen over and over again create, with time, certain concepts or representations that we consider as reality. For example, a conflict is a constructed reality....
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