Socio economic aspects of health & social care

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Socio economic aspects of health & social care

There are different definitions of health and it can be viewed in a number of ways.

Negative definitions of health
This is when people decide if they are ill or not by the things that may influence them to think so. Negative definitions of health are basically when you use a negative tone to tell what side of health you consider yourself in this case a negative health, example ‘I have a hard time breathing therefore I am very ill’ Positive definitions of health

This would be the opposite of a negative definition of health therefore we would use positive terms to indicate whether or not we are ill, for example ‘I am breathing fine so I am well’ World health organization

There definition of health is that being well is not jus the absence of disease or infirmity but having a good state of mental, physical and social well being. This means that being health means to have a physical level for you age and weight and you are socially ok and not stressed. Holistic definition of health

The holistic definition of health is that being healthy is much more than being in a good state of physical health but also being able to love, create, embrace and have a spiritual mind. They involve 6 types of dimensions which are; emotional, occupational, spiritual, social, physical and intellectual. Functional definition of health

This is when you think you can do what normally are able to do then you think your healthy but if you suddenly cant do something u can usually then you consider yourself unhealthy. Also some people may not refer to the doctor for some thing they may feel is only a little thing but the rich would go the doctors regularly. A reason for this may be because the working class have keep working and feel they have no time to see a doctor are they don’t need to.

The bio medical model (Doctors, scientists etc) looks at health in a very simple and basic way. It says that being healthy...
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