Social Networks and Correlation to Sense of Community

Topics: High school, Psychometrics, Likert scale Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Jeton Koka and Kristian Berisha4/16/13
Social Science Juniors FHHS
Subjects were selected from four sophomore year English classes. Of the four English classes, two were honors and the other two were regular. The total amount of subjects within the four classes was 100 students. Individuals in the honors classes may have other classes together, which in turn means that they might have known each other. Individuals in the regular classes were less likely to know each other due to the amount of students available in the zoned program. The subjects were males and females in the age range of 14-16 years. Subjects attended a public high school in New York City in an ethnically diverse community.

Subjects were chosen by means of randomization. A list of available honors and regular sophomore English classes were given a number. Then, using the random integer feature on the TI-84 Calculator, four classes were chosen. If the class was unable to participate in the study, the next randomly selected number was chosen. This process continued until there were two honors and two regular English classes.

Students were given a consent form that informed them about the risks and benefits of the study (see Appendix 1). The consent forms were returned the next day with all the necessary signatures. It was clearly stated that the subject's involvement in the study was not mandatory and that he or she may back out at any time. All information was kept confidential and all completed questionnaires were stored in a safe in one of the researcher's home.

Two questionnaires were given to the subjects. The first questionnaire was “The Facebook Intensity Scale” (Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe, 2007). This questionnaire measured the amount of time spent on Facebook; moreover, it asked the subject their feelings toward the social network. The questionnaire was altered slightly by removing the term “Facebook” from the statements and questions and...
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