Sei 500 - Individual Lesson Plan

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Individual Lesson Plan: Life Cycle of a Butterfly
Silvia Hammond,
October 8, 2012
Rachel York

In this lesson, 2nd grade students will participate in a class on the life cycle of a butterfly. Students will learn standards-aligned science concepts and also benefit from cross-curricular instruction, through the incorporation of reading, writing, and hands-on activities. These modalities will be used to help students understand the concept of the life cycle and make real-life connections to the human life cycle. The lesson will last for approximately forty-five minutes. The lesson will be taught within a small suburban school of approximately 650 students, ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade. The school currently is receiving Title 1 funds, with 70% of its students on free or reduced breakfast and lunch. The school is currently in good standing and has met AYP for the past two years. There are a total of 20 students in the class, which displays the following demographics: 50% Caucasian, 20% African-American, 20% Hispanic and 10% Asian. The class distribution includes 12 boys and 8 girls, and a total of 5 ELLs. Two students have an active IEP, and five students have been identified as gifted and talented. The language level of the students is classified as the elementary or intermediate level of English language proficiency. Description of Lesson:

Lesson: Butterfly Life Cycle
Time Allotment:
This lesson will be taught in one forty-five minute class period.
Content Objectives:
By the completion of this lesson students will meet two objectives. Students will be able to identify the four life cycle stages of a butterfly. Also, all students will be able to list the stages of the butterfly life cycle in order.

Language Objectives:
The second grade students will also meet two language objectives by the end of this lesson. Students will identify the Greek roots of certain vocabulary words. Students will also define the term “compound words”.

State Standards:
The student will investigate and understand that plants and animals undergo a series of orderly changes as they mature and grow. (Grade two content science standards, 2007).
Key Vocabulary:
In this lesson students will become familiar with a variety of key vocabulary words to include the following: Oval egg, caterpillar, larva, metamorphosis, chrysalis, pupa, imago, forewing, wingtip, hindwing, margin, abdomen, thorax, proboscis, antennae, and wing base.

Students will use several materials in order to complete this lesson, which are listed as the following: paper bag, small plastic representations of butterfly stages to put in paper bag, KWL graphic organizer, computer stations with internet access for ESL students, clay, utensils to carve into clay, Greek root/compound word identification assessment sheet, life cycle stage and body part labeling assessment sheet.

SIOP Features:
This lesson will utilize the following SIOP features:
SIOP Features:
PreparationScaffoldingGrouping Options
___ Adaptation of Content_X_ ModelingX Whole Class
_X_ Links to Background___ Guided practice___ Small Group -------------------------------------------------
_X_Links to Past Learning___ Independent PracticeX Partners -------------------------------------------------
___ Strategies Incorporated_X_ Comprehensible Input___ Independent -------------------------------------------------


Integration of ProcessesApplicationAssessment
X__ ReadingX Hands-onX Individual...

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