Social Networking, the Security Issue

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Social Networking: The Security Issue
Facebook trades your security and privacy for profit, so be careful of what you post and consider who is going to have access to it. Also, change your Facebook settings in as many areas possible so that the only people who can see what you post, are your friends. Companies like Facebook allow other businesses, for the right price, to scan through your posts and place advertisements accordingly. However, Facebook is allowing more and more people to have access to larger amounts of people’s accounts by no longer providing the option of opting out of information sharing freedoms. The larger issue is that, although people do not have to use social networking sites such as Facebook, they would be cut off from a great deal of society. This begs the question as to whether or not Facebook is worth the risks that include serious issues such as identity theft and smaller ones, such as an emotionally harmful comment. The best solution to this issue is to use Facebook, but be careful about how much information one reveals and to opt out of privacy sharing agreements whenever possible.

Before the question as to whether or not Facebook is worth the risk is answered, people must first understand the reasons why social networking sites such as Facebook are used. Firstly, Previous generations did not have such technology and they are proof that it is not required in life. However, it has become such a significant part of daily lives and is now relied on for news, friendships, relationships, business, and more. Now that websites like Facebook exist, it is more difficult for its users to imagine a world without them. People have come to rely on social networks to unite them with their fellow man at a speed that is much faster than telephones can provide. These websites provide a whole new way for people to meet others, relationships to grow, and connections to be maintained. It even allows people to regain connections with the people who are most important in their lives, but with whom they have lost contact. For people like Jessup in North Hollywood, who has had very little contact with his family for years this is an extremely beneficial aspect of social networking. He said, “It's unbelievable how much I've expanded my family connection because of the Facebook app on the iPhone" (Hansen, Kristena). In situations like Jessup’s, Facebook is a very important part of life. There are many reasons why over 500 million people, a number from a Facebook corporate missive, use Facebook, despite security breaches. Firstly, people have come to rely on Facebook for a significant part of social networking, in fact, according to The Los Angeles Times author Kristena Hansen, “Social networking takes up more than 10% of the time that Americans spend online.” For a lot of the American population, this is a generous amount time. The question is, what are people doing on Facebook that consumes them for so long? Most prominently, people are posting comments on their friends’ walls and having conversations in the chat windows that Facebook provides. However, many people are also following some of their favorite businesses, bands, television shows, and movements. They do this by joining a webpage created by one of the previously mentioned groups that allow the spreading of ideas to move far more quickly through the world. For example, the head of a webpage can post the time and place for a concert or rally etc. and millions of people will have access to that information and its effects. This is one of the most crucial aspects of Facebook, and is a reason why so many people have joined it. In other words, “Facebook helps movements ignite,” says David Unze, author of an article in USA Today.

When people are not using the chat feature on Facebook or posting comments on each other’s walls, they are most likely spending the remainder of the 10% of their internet time on some of the many applications that Facebook...
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