Our World Today Is Characterized by Efficiency from Minor Things to Making Coffee in the Morning to Determining the Most Effective and Aerodynamic Structure for a Common Day Fuselage. Now Imagine Our World, One That

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Our world today is characterized by efficiency from minor things to making coffee in the morning to determining the most effective and aerodynamic structure for a common day fuselage. Now imagine our world, one that strives for efficiency, without Internet. I wouldn't guarantee that efficiency would overcome simplicity in a world where communication is scarce and a source of information is uncommon. The dilemma at our hand is that people do not acknowledge the fact that even though the Internet might help with our coffee in the morning to flying across the Atlantic, the Internet is also the main contributor to social and personal chaos and society's demise. Social networking websites are the most visited websites on a daily basis. Posting all your information on your profile puts your own security and private information online. Numerous sites, such as Facebook and MySpace, exist so that people can communicate with everyone from different countries. Here is the most surreptitious thing you might not know about the people on social networking sites: They are using pictures and uploading them to porn sites. A picture of you stolen by porn site creators for their website puts your privacy at risk. Remember once it is on the internet, it stays there forever; leaving a mark behind. Cyberstalking, put plain and simple, is harassment in the Internet Age. Paul Bocij defined it as harassing a person with technology. When a cyberstalker targets a victim, the outcomes can be include emotional and mental harm, physical and sexual assault, kidnapping, or even murder. The case of John Edward Robinson, known as the Slavemaster, murdered five women he met through the Internet. He contacted women who might be agreeable to act as "sex toys". Two women from Texas stated that he had been brutal and he had stolen their sex toys, so they charged him with sexual harassment and theft. Investigators search his house for the toys, but they ended up finding bodies of the murdered women...
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