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Our topic is that social networks encourage people to have good “interpersonal skills”. According to the research, the most popular method of communication among teens is social network. This format is an opportunity for teenagers to practice and develop social skills. Firstly, social network provides a virtual place to spend time and share thoughts and objects with personal meaning, such as pictures and stories, and remain closely connected with friends regardless of geographic distance. For example, Facebook, Twitter. Internet is like a bridge cross the whole world. The conversation won’t be limited by the place, time, and age. It encourages people to communicate with more people in different countries, at different year level. Obviously, it will help to improve interpersonal skill and develop people’s friend circles. Secondly, one of the benefits is that the Internet increases the possibility to contact peers, it can increase people’s confidence in the conversation. Internet is different from the true world. Chatting online is different from face to face. We don’t who we are talking with in the real life, so that it decreases the pressure during the conversation. Everyone is at the same level. It encourages people to tell their true feelings. Virtuality of the social network encourages more and more people to be more willing to communicate, it is a good way to decrease the pressure, increase their sense of social support and improve their interpersonal skills. Finally, social network helps to gain knowledge new topics to make sure people follow the social step. We use social networking to establish relationships that provide information, mutual assistance, and support. To look through the news can also increase the topics with friends in the true life, it would help to develop the relationship. Social networking has become common in today’s society, especially among adolescents and young adults, and continues to grow in popularity. It provides a platform...
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