Social Networking

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Social Networking Essay
Social Networking has left a big impact on people around the world, nearly 1.5 billion people use social networking sites around the world. There are many affects to social networking sites both mentally and physically. Social networking sites are experiencing a rapid growth, there seems to be no limit to their growth. Social networking sites seem to bring in millions of members using their networks on a regular basis for people to communicate, share, and collaborate with other members. With a vast number of people on social networking sites there are many flaws that come along with these sites, like cyber bullying, privacy issues, and psychological effects. Social networking is an online site that focuses on facilitating the building of social relations among people who share similar interests, backgrounds or real life connections. Social networking sites have revolutionized communication, and are now one of the main sources of communication used today. Some of the majorly known social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and hundreds of more sites. It was only a few years back, in 2003, when Myspace was discovered, and in 2004 Facebook was found, and shortly after in 2006 Twitter followed. These sites become more than just an online destination, but a way of life. At school everyone is talking about “You won’t even believe what I saw on Facebook yesterday!” or when a major event in the world happens, most people admit “Oh yeah I saw that on Twitter.” Anyone with a job can find themselves without the time for a social life. With the vital role of life missing, a replacement has been created, social networking, like Facebook and Twitter, it may seem innocent but it can negatively impact our free time and our privacy. Majority of the times Facebook users create account to reconnect with their past friends or to talk to current friends and family members. The more friends a member has the more time...
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