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Title: Why do business need to work on social media marketing and how should they do social media marketing effectively. Name: Tanyanun ChavalakulClass: PS12CM
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With the influence of Internet nowadays, social media is the means of communication and interaction. The use of social media is adapted to people routine’s life. Because of the technology development, people try to turn themselves away from the traditional way of sharing, presenting or exchanging their ideas and information to the online content form through web2.0, the second generation of world-wide-web that encourage users to become accessibility in the internet community and can create their own information by using Blogs, Feeds, Content Communities or Social network. In the business view, these can be the helpful tools for implementing its marketing. Social media marketing is the process of constructing and generating the value of product or service by using the means of interaction between the marketers and the customers through the Internet base such as Facebook, Twitter, Instragram or Youtube. The organizations seem to use the social media marketing to share or collaborate with the employee or people outside the organization. This essay outlines some arguments of the necessity for doing social media marketing in business and the analysis of the effective method for the organizations to use in the social media marketing. The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Business

The use of social media is growing and has become the new trend of marketing to contact and share the business information. The researchers have investigated that the social networking accounts will be reached to 3 billion by 2015 (Radicati 2011, cited by Thackeray et al. 2012). This number reflects to the increase of using social media by both individual and organizations. It...

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