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Social Media Is Where People Communicate Wit Other Persons Socially And Online

By Archie-Musafir Jun 28, 2015 422 Words
Social media is where people communicate wit other persons socially and online. Some examples of social media are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Skype, Viber, Whatsapp etc.

There are over billion monthly users on social media in today’s generation. It is widespread in today’s generation. It is widespread in today’s life and its effects are generally noticeable.

Social media has many pros and cons. Well, people are meant to use it positively but some people are running their life by using it more than 5 hours in a day. People do not pay much attention to school, friends, family etc. People now care about their facebook, snapchat etc. more. People are using it in a wrong way for example cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is the term when people bully another person online. Cyber bullying has many effects over three years. People are commenting on a person’s photo in an inappropriate way. Cyber bullying influences many children. They loose their concentration on studies. They take a wrong step like suicide and however, they loose their confidence. People are becoming introverted, lazy etc.

Social media has many benefits like people are connecting with their friends, relatives etc. who don’t talk often. Children can ask home works or if they want any help in studies, they can straightaway message their friends.

I strongly reckon that social media will impact our society in ten years. There will be lots of changes. People will be more concerned with their standards of life in the society. They will take part in gatherings and will be extroverted but of course there will be a lack of intellectualisms, there can be harm to our society in ten years. Social media will considerably affect the future. They would not be sociable as if now. They will run their life on social media. But,’ it only depends on the person how they use social media’. ‘They can take advantage of it or they can ruin their life’. ‘It is not social media’s fault, it is your fault’. It is your choice how you treat your life.

In conclusion, social media is they way people connect. It has many pros and cons. There are 89% of people who use social media more than 5 hours in a day. Be Safe from cyber bullying. Follow the right to privacy on social networking sites. Give time to your parents. They are no less than social media. Be successful and improve your life by using it in a limit.

‘’ Don’t cross your limit and be safe – be happy ‘’!

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