Social Media and Its Impact
Topics: Internet, Twitter, Social network service, MySpace, Social network aggregation, Sociology / Pages: 3 (628 words) / Published: May 28th, 2012

Social media and the internet have had the most impact on my life; whether it is communicating with people around the world, making life-changing decisions, or reading and listening to celebrities’ personal and professional life gossip. Nowadays, people of all ages are completely relying on the social media and the internet for their day-to-day needs. Whether it is social media or the internet, they both have had positive and negative impacts on my life.
Social media and the internet have had positive impact on my life. It has made me more aware of the world around me, about our society and current events. When there is a war between two countries on the other side of the world, or there is a natural disaster in another country, social media and internet provide the information regarding the events. At this time, it is one of the fastest and most reliable ways to deliver information across the world, when the world needed to be informed about H1N1 flu shots, the internet and social media had all the information anyone needed to know. Whenever I have missed my family or friends who I am unable to see, I have used internet as a mean of communication, because it is cheap, fast and reliable. Also, in the past when I needed a job I used the internet to look for my options. Things like online banking, online shopping has become popular around the world and an important part of my life as well; if I do not have enough time to go to the mall to shop for an occasion I usually just use internet to find the outfit or if I need to make a transaction at the bank I use online banking to complete it.
Social media and the internet aren’t always helpful in a positive manner. One of the worst negative impacts not only on me but also on almost the whole world is that I have become highly reliable on social media and the internet for everything. If it helps me communicate with my friends and family, then there are also a lot of chances for me to encounter sexual predators. On the

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