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Social Ills of a Society

By Anihenz May 06, 2013 430 Words
Societal values of every society is sustained by the organs of the society.interestinly,the most important organ is the goverment is the most important organ reponsible in maintaining societal values.We are all living in a democratic world today and like democracy is clearly define as "the goverment of the people by the people and for the people",this means the goverment is the peolple that make up the society. Now,a society that has failed in all sense of the word,is not without the fault of the ones that inhabitates the environs.when crime and iimmoral decadence become the order of the day,and is seen as the norm in a society,then we have an issue in our hand.I mean a society where boys of 18 years are drug barons and heads of gangs responsible for murder,robbery,and distribution of illicit drugs in the society.but inspite of all these,they are celebrated and worshipped by the society which they have destroyed. Education is one area that has recieved set back greatly in this whole drama,as many young ones growing up don't see models in the light of education around them,yo follow.but they see a lot of gangsters that are making money even from a very young this becomes the benchmark for measuring success in this society.Those that even went to school,immediatly they got a job that could give them some money,they left the society and went some place else to build a life of thier own,as they really could'nt fit in to that world back home. This is the case with many african societies,and this has brought about alot of death,rape,unwanted pregnancies,child abuse and drug abuse. etc.but the society still feell trapped in this quagmire irrespective of the huge prices that is been paid for all of this. this is where agencies both govermental and non-govermental,should become more strategic in saving lives and the society.they should come up with orientation programes on the effect of drugs,alcohol, and crime.the goverment should embark on compulsory secondary school education for all youth within the age of education.they should arrest and remand all crime defaulters so as to serve as deterrent for the others.they should build more schools in such societies and increase the activities of the law enforcement and drug enforcement agents in these kind of environs.All of these will help curb the menace of crime and drug in the socities.

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