Films on Demand, Sociology Collection, and Social Institutions

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Films on Demand: Sociology Collection: Social Institutions
There are different social institutions such as family, education, religion, health care, government, and the economy and work. Each of these are important to society for many reasons. They make people who they are and teaches them how to function in society. Family is where everything should start. Your family is the first form of socialization that you experience as well as the religion that your family is a part of. Religion is another thing that helps to form who you are. As you grow education is another big part of your formation. Family, religion and education are the first three social institutions that a person has to deal with. The first video that was watched was Family & Social Changes. This video was about how the family live has changed over the years. Families were looked at as being a mother and father and children. The father was the one that would work while mother stayed home and did the household chores. The kids were well behaved and helped as they were asked to. If you were a woman who had a child without being married you were looked at as living in sin just as if you were a man and woman living together but not being married. There were not many divorces either. Now days, you see more and more people living together but not married. Divorce is something that unfortunately is a common thing for people to do. Women are not so eager to have children instead they are working and supporting themselves. Women are also working more and being the sole or contributing bread winner of the family. The next video that was watched was Nine Years After 9/11. In this video they talked about how society looks at different religions. They talk about how we have not grown much as a society when it comes to this particular topic. Even though it has been nine years our society still looks at different religions just as that different. Everyone is reluctant to except...
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