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Topics: Cake, Cakes, Baking Pages: 4 (1501 words) Published: January 13, 2014
Graded Unit- Development Stage- Louise Morgan

The activity that I helped a service user complete was baking cakes. The activity was developed using person centred planning social care model. The service user to whom I will be again changing the name of to Lauren, following Data Protection act 1998. By following the person centred approach Lauren was empowered by making her own choices, she feels in everyday living that she does not get to make a lot of choices about the way she lives because she does not feel confident to do so. By completing this activity I am hoping that the feeling of empowerment and independence will encourage her in future to try new things.

A theory which was helpful whilst carrying out my activity was Eriksons lifespan theory, This theory believes we go trough stages in life and have to have a positive outcome from the stage in order to successfully move to the next stage. I have been able to understand Laurens behaviour by having knowledge of this theory which makes me very patient when speaking to her, because Lauren did not have a social circle when she was younger and did not learn how to develop relationships outside of her family this shows in her adult life when displaying social skills. As I mentioned in the plan, Lauren was severely bullied when she was at school and this lead to her becoming withdrawn. By doing this activity it has helped her to have empowerment, a feeling that she is not used to. She also practiced social skills with me and added a bit of humour in also as she was becoming more relaxed during the course of the activity. This was one of my aims and I feel I achieved this, to achieve this I asked her questions about herself but also chatted about what she liked on tv and encouraged her to speak about this by asking questions and giving her feedback, I also was genuinely interested in what she had to say. Even though she is at adult stage just now I think if she carries on to do activities like this it...
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