Social Aspects of Personality

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The SOCIAL ASPECTS of Personality
Our Body Language
* It helps to convey message to other people.
* It should be carefully managed so as not to offend guests and avoid complaints, which may turn to a DISASTER. * Human interaction consists of a variation between 70% percent non-verbal & 30% verbal communication. * Consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions and eye movements.

On Greeting
-the most familiar form of greeting in the world.
* Direct eye contact
* Smile paves the way for positive interaction.
Etiquette when shaking hands…
Clean hands
Manicured and trimmed nails
Free from perspiration & warm
A great handshake should be executed professionally, politely with a firm grip, a warm welcoming smile and eye contact. * THIRD
Be situationally aware, your arms should be at around 45 angle, straight towards the other persons face. BODY LANGUAGES EXAMPLE
The Good, the Bad & the Downright Ugly
* When you are seated or standing, you must be erect with good posture not too stiff, not too relaxed. * Shoulders levelled, arms uncrossed, hands open.
* Eye contact should be concentrated that composes of the TWO eyes and the mouth. * A complimentary movement such as sight nod and sends signal that you are following the conversation with a keen interest and applied understanding. The BAD

* Being too tense to a point of stiffness.
* Abrupt movements that call attention.
* Shoulders slouched and arms crossed, exudes an invisible barrier or be misread as disagreement. * Eyes narrowing shows hostility, leaning and yawning shows boredom. * Negative facial expressions such as shaking your head, or frowning shows disinterest which may be form as disrespect. The UGLY

* Scratching yourself
* Tugging, pulling or twirling your hair
* Removing snot
* Scratching inner ear
* Picking your teeth
* Staring down at the other person.
Body Movements & Gestures
* Gestures include the head, hands, arms and legs. They are very useful in workplace because they are quick way to convey thoughts and feeling without needing to speak or write. * Gestures are generally widely understood, although they may have different meanings in other cultures. * Illustrators

-do not have specific meaning
-add meaning to a verbal message
examples: adjusting one’s clothes, biting nail or playing with objects
-these indicate to others that a person is upset or nervous. * Affect displays
-are person’s body movements that convey feelings and emotions through facial expressions and body positions. * Adaptors
-typically unconscious behaviours and are used when a person is tense or anxious. Must avoid the following:
* Sitting or leaning back
* Resting your chin on your hand
* Crossed arms
* Adaptors
The Facial and Head Signals
-are used in our everyday dealings with other people or even in our family. -are important in tourism and hospitality industry to provide excellent guest service, The Head
* In hotel or restaurant, you will use your head to send a message. * Rapidly nodding your head can leave the impression that you are impatient. On the other hand, slower nodding emphasizes interest. The Mouth

SMILE is very important in the industry. It conveys a message that you are approachable and is willing to assist your guests. The Hands
* Confident and positive handshake breaks the ice and in an interview. * No perspiring hands and dirty nails.
The Feet
* Avoid compulsive jabbing of the floor, desk, or chair with your foot; this can be perceived as a hostile and angry motion and is likely to annoy a person. Facial Expressions and Eye Contact
* They are not body language but they are types of nonverbal communication that can have an effect on business relations. Communication in the Workplace
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