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TEST YOUR UNDERSTANDING CHAPTER 1: THE FRENCH REVOLUTION 1. The Third Estate comprised (a) Poor servants and small peasants, landless labourers (c)Big businessmen, merchants, lawyers etc liberty? (a) Liberty is finishing off your enemies (b) Liberty is happiness, reason, equality and justice (c) Liberty is the declaration of rights (d) Liberty is not a child which has to be disciplined before maturity 3. Which of the statements is untrue about the Third Estate? (a) The third estate was made of the poor only (b) Within the third estate some were rich and some were poor (c) Richer members of the third estate owned land (d) Peasants were obliged to serve in the army or build roads 4. When did the French Revolution begin? (a) July 14, 1789 (b) January 10, 1780 (c) August 12, 1782 (d) None of the above 5. The word livre stands for_______________ (a) Unit of currency in France (c)Tax paid directly to the state 28 million in 1789? (a) Education became difficult (c) Housing problem occurred (b) Rapid increase in the demand for food grains (d) None of the above (b) Tax levied by the church (d) None of these (b)Peasants and artisans (d) All the above

2. Which of the following is not the idea of the revolutionary journalist Desmoulins about

6. What was the effect of the rise of the population of France from about 23 million in 1715 to

7. What was the subsistence crisis which occurred frequently in France? (a) An extreme situation endangering the basic means of livelihood (b) Subsidy in food grains (c) Large scale production of food grains (d) None of the above 8. What was the name of the tax which was directly paid to the state by the Third estate? (a) Tithes (a) Post of Army General (b) Livres (b) A political body (c) Taille (d) All of these 9. What was the Estates General? (c) Head of the landed property (d) Advisor of the King 10. Which social group emerged in the 18th Century? (a) Lawyers (b)...
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