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Topics: French Revolution, Louis XVI of France, Marie Antoinette Pages: 2 (871 words) Published: January 4, 2015
29-Crash Course World History Video Notes
The French Revolution
1. France in the 18th century was a rich and populous country, but it had a systemic problem collecting ___________ because of the way its society was structured. They had a system with kings and nobles we now call the __________ regime; where the people with the money—the nobles and the clergy—never paid taxes. 2. By 1789, France was deeply in debt thanks to their funding the __________ Revolution and the extravagant lifestyle of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. 3. This nicely coincided with hailstorms that ruined a year’s _________, thereby raising food prices and causing widespread hunger. 4. So basically the peasants were hungry, the intellectuals were beginning to wonder whether God could or should save the King, and the nobility were dithering about, and failing to make meaningful _______________ _______________. 5. In response to the crisis, Louis XVI called a meeting of the ___________ __________, the closest thing that France had to a national parliament, which hadn’t met since 1614. 6. The Estates General was like a super parliament made up of representatives from the First Estate, the ________, the Second Estate, the ________, and the Third Estate, ________ ________. 7. Disagreement developed and the Third Estate left and declared itself the ________ ________. They later met in an indoor tennis court where they swore the famous Tennis Court Oath; agreeing not to give up until a French _________________ was established. 8. Louis XVI responded by sending troops to Paris primarily to quell uprisings over food shortages, but the revolutionaries saw this as a provocation, so they responded by seizing the ___________ Prison on July 14th. 9. The really radical move in the National Assembly came on August 4, when they abolished most of the ancien regime-- ___________ rights, tithes, privileges for ___________, unequal taxation; they were all abolished --in the name of writing a new...
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