Soap Opera

Topics: American films, Black-and-white films, Family Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: April 13, 2014
In a small town in Boston, America, there are those relationships that can’t be understood. Samantha and Richard have been married for 20-year. They have had two beautiful daughters, Alice and Laura. Richard always wonders if Alice really is his daughter because he doesn’t feel there is any connect between him and Alice. Beside, he really likes her so he decided to hire a spy to find out about Alice’s DNA. Coincidently, the spy Richard hired is Mark – Laura’s husband. But Mark has also made a promising that he won’t tell anyone, even his wife Laura, about Richard’s evil skin. While Mark was spying on Alice, he shocked when he accidental knew that his dream love – Chris is Alice’ boyfriend and they even have a kid – Sally-Ann. So Mark turned Alice into completed enemy. One day, when Mark was managing to take Alice’s hair in the bathroom to do a DNA test, Alice walked in. After a few days of Mark’s weird actions, Alice suspected about what he was doing. Then she finally found an email about doing a spy on her between Richard and Mark, so she knew about her father dirty mind. So she, her boyfriend and their daughter has planning to escape from that evil family. So Sally stole a huge amount of money in Samantha and Richard’s safe to go aboard. Suddenly, Richard came in and saw his granddaughter stealing the money. So he took out a gun and yelled at her: - What are you doing???

Alice ran toward Sally and threatened Richard:
- Don’t you dare doing anything hurt us. I know all about your plan and I know about your whoreson – Daniel with my sister Laura. I’ll tell everyone about that! Richard seems to consider about what Alice said. In the back, Samantha walked out with tears in her eyes: - Is that true, Richard?

Richard didn’t really look like frightening:
- I have to admit. Daniel is not Mark’ son, it’s mine with Laura. But don’t worry. I found out that Laura is not our daughter, too! Samantha was very angry and ran to Richard, strangled him:
- How dare you do...
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