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Q3. Write short notes on:
a. SQ3R technique of reading
SQ3R technique of reading was developed by Robinson in his book "Effective Study" (1970). SQ3R stands for the initial letters of the five steps shown in the table 7.1. 1. Survey – Survey refers to a quick glance through the title page, preface and chapter headings of a text. By surveying, you will be able to gauge the main ideas of the text. Besides, the author’s name, date, place of publication and title page can give you an idea of the general subject area. The table of contents, preface or foreword in a book would give you an idea of the themes and how they are organised. A survey of the index or bibliography tells you immediately whether the book contains what you need. For example, choose the appropriate reference by a quick survey: Here is a bibliography (list of books) on Total Quality Management. Decide which of the publications in the list are likely to give you: (encircle the appropriate letter) 2. Question – The second step in the SQ3R technique of reading is ’question’. A survey of the text will surely raise a few questions in your mind regarding the text. Some of the questions could be: • Is the book useful or relevant to my study?

• Does it provide some guidelines/information on the subject at hand? However, as you go through the individual chapters, you might have specific questions regarding the topic. This will surely help you to gain some insights into the text, topic and the author's comments. You will be surprised to see how your questions are answered in the process of reading and understanding the text. Therefore, don't treat reading as an automatic process. It has to be conscious and deliberate, with a definite purpose, where you interact with the topic and the author. 3. Reading – After surveying and questioning, you begin the actual reading. You need to develop a critical approach to reading anything for that matter. Read the text over and over again, each time with a different...
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