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Software Project Management Plan

Project: The Australasian Quaternary Association Webpage

March 22, 2012

Version 1.0
Team member|
Mohsen Rezaei|
Sanat Thomas|
Ying Li|
Rayed Mohammed ALSABHAN|

Submitted in partial fulfillment
Of the requirements of
Giants Studio Project
University of Ballarat

Change History

Major Field Achievement Test|
SPMP Version 1.0 | Release date: 21/03/12 | Baseline Version|


The main purpose of this document is to clarify the project plan to develop the Australasian Quaternary Association Webpage. This project helps understand how the project should be developed towards the completion of deliverables. This SPMP is a guide for the team and will be updated as the project progresses.

Change Historyii
1.1.Project Summary1
1.1.1.Scope, Purpose and Objectives1
1.1.2.Assumptions and Constraints1
1.1.3.Project Deliverables2
2.Project Organization2
1.1Roles and Responsibilities2
1.2Team Rules and Processes4
2.Managerial Process Plans4
2.1Project Start-Up Plan4
2.1.1Estimation Plan4
2.2Work Plan8
2.2.1Work Activities8
2.2.2Schedule Allocation8
2.2.3Resource Allocation9
2.2.4Budget Allocation9
2.3Control Plan9
2.3.1Requirements Control Plan9
2.3.2Schedule Control Plan9
2.3.3Budget Control Plan9
2.3.4Quality Control Plan10
2.3.5Reporting Plan10
2.3.6Metrics Collection Plan10
2.4Risk Management Plan10
2.5Closeout Plan11
3.Technical Process12
3.1Process Model12
3.2Methods, Tools, and Techniques12
Document distribution13
3.3Infrastructure Plan13
3.4Product Acceptance Plan13
4.1Configuration Management Plan14
4.2Validation & Verification Plan14
4.3Documentation Plan14
4.4Quality Assurance Plan15
4.5Review and Audits15
4.6Problem Resolution Plan15
Appendix A16
Appendix B: Tender bid17
1.Cover letter1
2.Project introduction2
2.1Project title2
2.2Project details2
3.Client information2
3.1Client’s initial requirements2
3.2Client detail2
4.Team introduction3
4.1Team members information3
4.2Skills, roles and responsibilities3
5.Reasons for consideration4

Table of Figures
Figure 1: Schedule4
Figure 2: Staffing plan6
Figure 3: Gantt chart8
Figure 4: Risk management table10
Figure 5: closure checklist11
Figure 6: Project over view16

1. Overview
2.1. Project Summary
1.1.1. Scope, Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of this project is to update an out-date webpage of Australasian Quaternary Association, and produce a functional database of all their members, which will give the AQUA an international face and helps them be recognized leading to better understanding of the association by its visitors; also complete online payment function for renew membership will be applied. The project is to be completed over the course of the semester at the University of Ballarat. The scope of the project covers the main requirements of our client. A detailed scope of the project will be added during the requirement specification phase.

1.1.2. Assumptions and Constraints

The team members of this project and author of this PMP believe this project will be completed in one semester. This project is counting heavily on member’s time and effort, and will mostly use the open source technology tools to achieve the goal. This project will be under the direct supervision of … and Dr shamsheer syed who will guide us in the right path and timetable for the project.

This project after completion will be the property of University of Ballarat and of Australasian Quaternary Association will have a life time license for using the final product.

1.1.3. Project Deliverables
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