Smoking Ban

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Although there are many benefits to a smoking ban on a college campus, many smokers would not agree to the benefits. They would much rather argue that a smoking ban would be against their rights. A smoker would voice the opinion that it is unfair he or she cannot indulge in an activity he or she sees as relaxing. In others words, participating in the act of smoking is self- choice. “Many have argued that the taxes spent on cigarette purchases have been used to fund the very places where they are being banned from”( Time Magazine by Gilbert Cruz Monday, December 14, 2009).This may be true; however, the problem arises when others are being put at risk. Is it rights of self or harassment of others? This is only one side of the topic that is up for discussion. Is a smoking ban on campus a violation of the students’ rights or is it a plea for a healthy, tobacco free environment? College students spend thousands of dollars on their education and feel as if they should be free to choose whatever lifestyle they want. Having a nonchalant attitude about whether their extracurricular activity offends others. Should non-smoking students have to deal with the dangers of secondhand smoke on their campus? Should they have to dodge and go all the way around the building to find an entrance or exit that is not smoke-filled? Is it fair for smoking to be allowed on college campus to protect the rights of smokers or should it be banned to protect the health of nonsmokers? The writer feels the health and safety of others should outweigh the few.

The primary concern with smoking on campus is secondhand smoke. Some people do not care about their health or the health of others these are the people who smoke openly in public, this is viewed as not only inconsiderate but also dangerous. Research has shown that regular exposure to secondhand smoke threatens the health of those who do not smoke. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the United States (CDC,...

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