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Project Completion Report
The Smart supermarket is a project where the customer’s mobile phone pairs with a supermarket trolley and sends the shopping list to the trolley. The smart trolley displays customized special offers and the availability of the items in the shop automatically. The customer picks up the items. The trolley keeps track of the barcodes and allows automatic checkout by sending the barcodes of the item to the Till. The Till processes the customer’s bill by taking into account any discount or promotion. This will make shopping faster and easier. 12/1/2010

Smart Super Market
Project Completion Report
a. Customer walks into the smart supermarket with his shopping list on his mobile phone. As he enters the shop and gets a trolley for his shopping, he presses the Send button on his phone and it synchronises with the smart trolley and passes the shopping list to the trolley. b. The trolley automatically sends the list to the Inventory to check for availability of items and sends back stock status to the trolley. c. The list is also sent to the Special Offers database for any special offers available. A customized offer list will be displayed on the trolley screen. Any discount will be applied to the price. d. As the customer adds

items to the trolley, the inventory is updated. When the customer completes shopping, he clicks the Final Send button to send the final list to the Till. We decided to use the Final Send button to complete the shopping. This will allow the shopper to add any unlisted item that the shopper might pick up, or remove any listed item that the shopper might skip. e. The Till then calculates the final payable amount by taking into account the discount applicable for the customer. Mobile phone pairs with supermarket trolley to send the shopping list. The trolley displays customized special offers, availability of the items in the shop and sends list to Till. Till processes the customer’s bill by taking into account any discount. 12/1/2010

a. We have used zero conf to locate services. We used a service provider to register trolley, inventory and special offer services. The mobile uses a service finder class to find a trolley and passes the shopping list (item names). The smart trolley uses RMI to pass the list to the smart market inventory service. The trolley uses the service finder to find the inventory service. This service also contacts the inventory server 12/1/2010

using RMI. We used RMI here because the inventory server could be placed in a different address space and / or geographical location than the supermarket. The inventory details are stored in xml format and these could be derived from a separate inventory system. We decided to use xml to access inventory details so that the format would be flexible. As of now we are using four attributes – item id, item name, item price, and item quantity. In future we could add more attributes, such as manufacturer’s name, comparative nutrition status etc., that will make the shopping more comfortable. XML will allow us to do that without much of a fuss. The data between the mobile, trolley, and the inventory service are passed as an array string. As of now, we just send the product name from the mobile to the trolley. However, the next step is to add the quantity of items to purchase in the itemlist. For example, a shopper might need to buy 2 cans of milk and 3 loaves of bread. An array String will allow such a change without much of code alteration. b. The data between the inventory and the trolley is also an array string and it carries the item name, price, quantity available, and a status flag. The status flag would mention if an item is ‘available’, ‘out of stock’, or ‘limited stock’. As of now we have set a flat threshold limit of 10 to flag an item as limited quantity. In future, we could have a variable threshold limit for items based on their movement pattern. Flagging an...
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