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5. Summary and Conclusion
1. Summary

Online Ordering and P.O.S (Point of Sales) for Sunny Dad’s Café is a system that enables the customer to choose their Food orders as will indicate the quantity. There are some features of this system that will help the company to minimize time consuming upon updating their inventory and generating the sales report. It would be easier to the cashier to produce daily and monthly sales report and avoids delays during the process. In our study we found out that the system will be favour in both company and the customers in sense that the customer will no longer go and wait in for the finished of the food order, because if this will be implemented to the Sunny Dad’s Café the customer will just pick up the Food being ordered. And for the company they will certainly entertain the needs of their customers at the same time. We consider the flaw of this system through Data Flow Diagram. Upon making the cost benefit analysis we found out several cost that may affect during the operation and development as well. We show two alternatives that will help the company to decide to choose the best alternatives for the implementation of this system. Finally, the proponents decide to use PHP as the programming language in making this system.

2. Conclusion

.Considering the analysis made by the proponent’s Alternative A will be the best option to choose for the implementation of the system. In this alternatives there are some cost of software that will not be considered because it is an open source, just like the MySQL and the Apache web server therefore it will be obviously cheaper that the alternative B. When it comes to the benefit, The Total Benefit of Alternative A is One hundred eighty-three thousand and five hundred eighty-one (in figures 183,581.00).

Upon underlying study method and intensive analysis Online Ordering and P.O.S (Point of Sales) system best fit for a company who offers a...
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