Smart Spending for College Students

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Shopping for an Education
Independent college students should cut back on their extra spending habits such as shopping. Young college students are transitioning in their lives and becoming independent. Independence comes with many responsibilities that students will have to deal with on their own. Such responsibilities include things like paying for their tuition, bills and other daily expenses. Many college students are not equipped to handle such a large amount of new responsibility while trying to go to school. Many students struggle to be efficient with their own money. I have come to learn a lot about this topic because I, myself, was not ready for the amount of responsibility I was given. When independency was introduced into my life, I was very careless and naïve. I was not spending my money wisely or planning for the future. Since then, I came up with my main strategies of being successful. These strategies determine the importance in purchasing, how to budget my money, how to spend my money smartly, and to save money for the future. Shopping is a fun activity that I as a college student enjoy doing, but getting an education is more important. Getting a college education is not only beneficial for the college student’s individual welfare. It is essential for the United States as a whole to have a successful and well-educated population. “Lumina estimated that at current college-graduation rates, ‘there will be a shortage of 16 million college-educated adults in the American workforce by 2025’” (Billitteri 983). As people change jobs or retire there will be a need for college students to fill the places in the work force. If nobody can afford to go to college and get an education what will happen to the United States if the majority of the country is uneducated beyond high school? “If schooling increases the skills and abilities of one individual, Mann argued, then all individuals in the community would benefit and all future generations would benefit” (Spring 199). People getting a college education ranks very important in today’s society. Even though in my free time I enjoy shopping online or to go out to the stores with my friends and family I know that my schooling comes first. I also know that if I get an education it will not only help me. If I get my degree in radiation therapy not only will I improve my future and my family’s future, but I can also improve the lives of the patients I would be caring for. Even though I like to go on shopping trips and I am very interested in the current fashion and trends I know that fashions will change and my clothes will eventually go out of style. The clothes, fast food and gas that I pay for on a shopping trip are not a long term purchases. Clothing is not a long term purchase because I can grow out of the clothing, it can go out of style, and it can be damaged. The fast food and the gas I pay for will only last for the trip, and will be easily forgotten about. The one thing that will not change over time is my education. I will always have the degrees I earn in college and they will last longer than any piece of clothing or tank of gas. That is why I always make it a priority to save up money and pay for my education’s costs. After my education is paid for is when I can spend my money on anything I want. I know paying for the necessities is more important than a shopping trip and I have learned the value of my education is more important than that of anything I could buy on a shopping trip. Independent college students have many more expenses now that they did not have to pay for before. “An independent student is not dependent on parental support” (Lieder 28). In high school most students were able to depend on their families to pay for their expenses. When most people became college students they were either forced to become independent or chose to take the responsibility on their own. Either way they had to learn to spend their own money wisely. For me...

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