Traditional vs Non Traditional

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English 101
Professor Beckham
March 19, 2013
Traditional Students vs. Non Traditional Students
A non traditional student will transition into college better than a traditional student due to allotted responsibility and independence on their part. A non traditional student has a more serious approach where as a traditional student lacks focus in their first steps as an adult. The demographic of a student has changed over the years. A college student is not typically eighteen years old and living in a dorm on campus anymore. A college student is over the age of twenty five and a single parent in some cases. They have family and financial obligations and possibly a full time job. Some may not even possess a high school diploma, but a GED. Both traditional and non traditional students have responsibilities outside of college. While the majority of students right out of high school will likely only have a part time job, students twenty five and older will be juggling far more. A traditional student will continue to live with parents and not worry too much financially. As a non traditional student, not only will most have a full time job, but a family to care for, a mortgage, and a car payment on top of the class and homework time. It is estimated that only 13% of younger students are currently working vs. 60% of non traditional students (ACSFA 17). Although young adults have less baggage entering into college, they tend to think more socially and independent than academically. This brings up the topic of reputation. As a non traditional student, starting college can be frightening. Most older students are friendly, but outgoing and wanting to make friends with everyone in class is not top priority on the list. As a young adult transitions from high school, a social atmosphere, college is considered to be no different. Some students from certain high schools will attend the same college so social hour continues. As far as a...

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