Smart Car Roadster Coupe

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The Smart Car concept derives from an artistic feel; mainly, small, fun to drive, a fashionable car, urban centred, and image base (its association with Mercedes). Product Design
The Smart Car Roadster Coupe is a small, plastic-bodied, two seater weighing 1836.5 lbs, 134.9 in long, and offers a bit of power for being relatively light in design with a top speed of 137 mph (220 km/h). ( Rating 0-60 in 5.9 sec, the Roadster Coupe promises to maximize security given a small design which we will discuss below. With a mid mounted engine, the Roadster Coupe provides hatch back space and forward cargo space making the vehicle more appealing to those who want a Smart Car for more than short haul travel. The safety features include, ABS, TRIDION safety cell ( )(hard shell with soft interior acting in the manner of a roll bar; a steel housing combining longitudinal and crosswise framing to displace impact over a larger area), airbags, and TRUST plus (the 'Trust-Plus' system, contains electronic traction and stability control. The intended purpose is to cut off the fuel supply (to reduce torque to the drive wheels) and engage or disengage the clutch accordingly.) ( Adding to additional cargo space over a traditional Smart Car is the drive to maintain state of the art comfort. Maintaining Softip (shift mechanism added to a “semi-automatic” transmission), Soft Touch technology (provides driver ability to switch between automatic and manual transmission), electric windows and central locking, the Roadster Coupe provides more comfort for the driver than a vehicle within its class ( Product Life Cycle and Diversification

The Smart Car product line up includes:...
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